On February 6, I will be teaching at LitReactor! :)

On February 6, I will be teaching at Litreactor! 🙂
“A Mile in Whose Shoes? Writing vividly and consciously about your road trips, journeys, and detours that come your way.
Your Instructor: Ryka Aoki
“To travel well is better than to arrive.”—(not) Buddha
The quote might be dubious, but the sentiment is not. If you think about it, to write is to travel. Whether it’s Hemingway in Pamplona or Dante in Hell, travel has helped writers create work to enchant, challenge, and informs generations of readers.
Yet, unlike Chaucer, or even Kerouac, we are now more aware that careless or insensitive narrative can dull the very places and communities that inspired us. Careless writing can reduce one’s surroundings to caricature or mere backdrop. What results is often reductive, derivative, even appropriating.
It is possible to write compelling travel tales while equitably portraying the communities we describe? Of course! Much of the finest writing tends to be unexpectedly transformative—that one begins travel with one set of ideas or beliefs, and leaves with another.
In this four-week workshop, you’ll work with award-winning author Ryka Aoki to create settings and characters develop in ways that surprise, confront, and humanize. You’ll move past “write what you know” to writing your travels within a nuanced process of discovery, connecting the reader to a more authentic narrative, where one is truly surprised and changed.
All skill levels are welcome. 🙂


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