Books/Selected Publications

Hi All! This is just a quick list off my CV. I’ll be making this nicer as soon as I can. ❤ ryka

Books, Chapbooks

  • Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul, Biyuti Press, Spring 2015. ((2016 Lambda Award Finalist, Transgender Poetry)
  • He Mele A Hilo, Topside Signature Press, forthcoming, April 2014
  • Seasonal Velocities: Poems, Stories, Essays, Trans-Genre Press, March 2012. (2013 Lambda Award Finalist, Transgender Nonfiction)season.jpg
  • Sometimes Too Hot the Eye of Heaven Shines, Winner, Eli Coppola Prize, Radar Publications/Inconvenient Press 2010.
  • What’s Not to Love?, 2008
  • A Sardine Christmas, 2007
  • When Chocolate Tastes Like Someone Else’s Dream, 2005
  • Of the Cross, 2004
  • Never Throw Anything in the Fishpond, 2003
  • What Happen When the Screen Door Breaks, 2002


  • “The Gift” in Meanwhile, Elsewhere forthcoming, Topside Press, 2017.
  • “Of Flash, Queer, and the Myths of a Cave, ”State of Flash, Nano Fiction, Summer 2016why dust.jpg
  • “Why I Write” Publisher’s Weekly, 2015
  • “Falafel” No More Potlucks <; March 2015
  • “Sakura, Ayame, and a Cotton Judogi” Untangling the Knot, Carter Sickels, Ed. Ooligan Press, Feb 2015 (2016 Winner Golden Crown Literary Award for Anthology/Collections–Creative Non-Fiction)
  • “The Mark of a Good Day” Everyday Genius <>, Feb 20, 2014
  • “To the New World” The Collection, Topside Press, September
  • 2012. (2013 Lambda Award Finalist, Transgender hilo.jpgFiction)
  • “When Something is Not Right,” Transfeminist Perspectives in and Beyond Transgender and Gender Studies, Temple University Press, Spring 2012. (2013 Lambda Award Finalist, Transgender Nonfiction)
  • “On Living Well and Coming Free” Gender Outlaws—the Next Generation, Seal Press, August 2010.
  • “Home Now” American Eyes, New Asian American Short Stories for Young Adults Lori Carlson, ed. , Henry Holt, New York, NY 1995. (American Library Association Award Winner)