Community Work


Queer Self Defense

I am glad that people who are politically active have made so many gains, and I have benefitted from many of them. I am grateful.

But I work with my hands, on what I see in front of me. I try to help in my own way. I’m not a politician. I’m a writer. I’m a teacher. I speak to queer students on staying alive and cherishing themselves. In my spare time, I teach queer homeless kids how to protect themselves from knife attacks twice a week. I hope this helps, too.

After over 40 yrs. of judo, I’ve developed Tomoe-Ryu, a system of basic self-defense, which I share with at-risk queer youth at the LA LGBT center. Our club is called “Supernova.” What we teach is designed to meet the needs of LGBT people, who face the possibility of violence over who they are and choose to love.

We have worked within the LGBT Center, and shared with community groups and universities, addressing self defense definitions, scenario evaluation, verbal defense,and mental preparation, as well as grappling, striking, and submissions from judo, jujitsu, boxing, wrestling, and muay thai.

In a very real sense, ours is a LGBT family martial art. We cover legality, scenario evaluation, basic skills such as rolling falls and efficient striking for small-bodied people, as well as use of common items such as keys and water bottles as self-defense tools. We will give students a firm grounding in realistic, sane self defense.